Succession Sorted

The best of both worlds, a niched client list + your succession plan done!

The generally available succession options are full of financial and execution risks with no guarantee the financial and other outcomes will meet the needs of the principal. The process involves some friction with the purchaser, doubts about how long standing clients will be treated, and a transition period that is less than comfortable.

By comparison, the Caboodle Succession Sorted offer combines an immediate execution to a new, very enjoyable environment where you can work as much or as little as you like, with a confirmed plan for your business exit at a date to be confirmed. When you are good and ready you can then reduce your client load further until you step away from the business all together.

Simply put, Caboodle proposes to take over responsibility initially for servicing your passive clients and will reward you by paying you 50% of the redurring revenue we earn for those clients for the next 10 years. Then, at the point at which you decide to reduce your client load, you transfer further tranches to Caboodle until the point at which all clients are transferred, and you can retire. These tranches are done under a similar 50/50 recurring revenue share for 10 years from the date they were transferred.

This offer delivers certainty for the adviser and their family on how the succession of the business will be handled in both planned retirement & covers the possibility of an unpredictable business exit due to serious illness or death. It also avoids the many challenges associated with a normal succession process which invariably involves a difficult successor selection process, transition arrangements which are not always comfortable and financial earn outs that can extend for many months. Challenges that can often make the process feel like a long goodbye, rather than a new beginning.

Key Features Delivers:
  • transfer passive clients
  • frees you & your team up to focus on strategic clients
  • share passive revenue 50/50 for 10 years
  • 50/50 applies to increased recurring
  • hidden ‘gems’ offered back to adviser
  • at retirement, transfer remaining clients
  • share remaining revenue 50/10 for 10 years from transfer
  • presented to clients as partnership to deliver consistent service during and following the handover
  • compelling succession solution for all portfolio
  • provides excellent value for the adviser (>3.5 times)
  • immediate business freedom
  • maximise time for new clients or personal pursuits
  • all clients
    • engaged and nurtured
    • access to knowledge centre
    • introduced to financial literacy program

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