Retire Now

Letting go can be easy to do!

This offer is designed for financial advisers who feel their adventure as a business owner and adviser is coming to an end. Having come to that realisation, often the biggest challenge for an advice principal looking to move on is the long, torturous and all consuming process of packaging up the business for sale and then waiting for the right successor to come along.

Caboodle has taken the pain out of that process, by offering to take over responsibility for servicing your entire client base and then rewarding you by paying you 50% of the trail revenue we earn for those clients for the next 10 years.

This offer delivers good value to the adviser and avoids the many challenges associated with a normal sale which invariably involves transition arrangements which are not always comfortable and financial earn outs that can extend for many months. Challenges that can often make the process feel like a long goodbye, rather than a new beginning.

Key Features Delivers:
  • transfer entire portfolio
  • frees you up to begin your next exciting stage
  • share revenue 50/50 for 10 years
  • 50/50 applies to increased recurring
  • hidden ‘gems’ offered back to adviser
  • presented to clients as partnership to deliver consistent service during and following the handover
  • execution of a succession solution
  • provides good value for the adviser (>3.5 times)
  • clients
    • engaged and nurtured
    • access to knowledge centre
    • introduced to financial literacy program

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