Practice Renovation

Caboodle’s core business is to partner with practices to service their passive clients. A key prerequisite for this partnership is for the practice to have a desire to change the way they currently do business and they invariably start by performing some form of client segmentation. As part of the Caboodle sales conversation we tend to become involved with this activity and the considerations around what defines a perfect client, what defines a client that needs development, and which clients are unlikely to develop as required (these are the ones then transferred to Caboodle to service under our passive client service model).

Caboodle has been involved with strategic conversations like this with all of its 20 current partners and with all the others who have considered the Caboodle option over the last 10 years. Additionally, many of these practices were introduced to us by practice consultants who themselves work with a number of different practices. This experience has enabled Caboodle to develop a range of offerings to assist practices with innovation/renovation including

  • an ebook – click here to download
  • a webinar covering the same material
  • a webinar that looks at segmentation
  • a series of 1/2 day workshops which take a team through the renovation process for their practice in conjunction with others doing the same for their practices
  • consulting services to drive the process onsite for a practice.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how best to engage with your practice for mutual benefit.

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