Embrace your Niche

Let go of the bottom 80% of clients and retain 90% of your revenue!

Caboodle specialises in partnering with Australian financial planning firms to liberate them from their passive or C & D clients. We work best with firms that have clearly identified their ideal client, and wish to focus their team and processes on providing a service tailored to suit that niche.

Simply put, Caboodle proposes to take over responsibility for servicing your passive clients and will reward you by paying you 50% of the trail revenue we earn for those clients for the next 10 years.

This offer represents great value for this low value set of clients, and is a model that is easy to execute, requires no due diligence and where a client is transferred in error, we simply arrange to transfer them back.

Key Features Delivers:
  • transfer passive clients
  • frees you & your team up to focus on strategic clients
  • share passive revenue 50/50 for 10 years
  • 50/50 applies to increased recurring
  • hidden ‘gems’ offered back to adviser
  • presented to clients as partnership
  • contribution to succession solution
  • provides good value for the adviser (>3.5 times)
  • contributes to business freedom
  • reduces compliance/administration burden
  • more time for new business or personal pursuits
  • passive clients
    • engaged and nurtured
    • access to knowledge centre
    • introduced to financial literacy program

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