CMN Solution

It’s about time

Don’t you think it’s about time to:

focus on your unique niche of valuable clients & prospects
get a rock solid succession plan in place, and give your client’s the service continuity assurance they need should something happen to you
get your practice to the point here you can choose what you do & when you do it?

A partnership with Caboodle brings your unique clients & advice expertise together with our innovative systems & ongoing customer engagement model to transition your business to achieve the success and value you deserve.


Features Embrace Your Niche Succession Sorted Retire Now
Admin Reduction – C&D Clients
Engage, Nurture & Campaign – C&D Clients  
Admin Reduction – A&B Clients   On Retirement
Engage, Nurture & Campaign – A&B Clients   On Retirement
Adviser Dependency Reduced Reduced Eliminated
Succession Plan A Start In Place Executed
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