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About Us

first advice practice partner, 700 clients

purchased first passive portfolio

3 partners, 1500 clients

implemented SugarCRM as core client data system

first passive portfolio partnership

established Innergi Online Knowledge Centre for clients

5 partners, 1800 clients

interwove Clicktools with SugarCRM to streamline our calling process

12 partners, 6700 clients

rebranded as Caboodle Financial Services for our customer facing business

selected Jive as our company intranet to capture live ‘how we do things’

moved to Infusionsoft as our core CRM & saw immediate value from the automation tools

12 partners, 6700 clients

released Peita Diamantidis’ first book ‘Financia Action Hero under our new financial literacy brand ‘Zaptitude’

incorporated Appointment Core into client reviews to empower clients to choose their own meeting times online

launched the Caboodle Masters Network to bring together our various adviser succession offerings

14 partners, 7000 clients

released the group’s Vision, Mission & Values for the next 3 years

partnered with CoreLogic RP Data to provide property valuation solutions to financial planners for their clients

18 partners, 8000 clients

CentrePoint assisted move to self licence

Peita launched second book ‘Finance Action Hero – Mission Possible’

Conducted millennial research with some surprising findings

Peita wins AFA Female excellence in advice award

Peita now regularly presenting keynotes or panel discussions

About Us

What we’re about

From the outset, we sought to make a real difference for the large volume of passive clients who exist throughout the financial services sector. As our business has developed, this has required us to build our expertise in two key aspects:

  • portfolio transfer – this involves everything from engaging with an interested financial advice practice, assisting them to segment their database, through to implementing the client communication plan and project managing the transfer of clients at a product provider level
  • client nurturing – passive clients, are by their very nature unlikely to take action themselves. Therefore it has been necessary for us to utilise regular phone contact as an initial point of contact to assist the clients in the transferred portfolios to get to know, like & trust us. Even then, offering traditional advice products or services has not been successful as many of these clients simply need to get on top of their money, before they can be able to consider financial advice. Key projects have therefore involved creating new non-advice products to strengthen their engagement with their money … and with us.
  • Renovation & Keynotes – why and how you can future proof your practice.

These specialist skills have been applied to create three unique offers for financial advisers:

  • embrace your niche – letting go of your passive clients
  • retire now – transfer all your clients and retire now
  • join the masters – a special transition to retirement approach for financial advisers

As we consider the above we have recognised two significant communication challenges:

  • how do we share more of what we do with our peers
  • how can we facilitate more clients achieving financial confidence

To address the first, we have created the Caboodle Masters Network website which is a place advisers can go to register their interest in the subjects we work on and to access DIY materials and register for events we run.

For the second we have launched Peita’s second book – Finance Action Hero – Mission Possible and have significantly raised her profile through a range of PR activities and key note addresses. We also have some exciting plans here for 2017 to be announced shortly.

Who are we?

Peita Diamantidis is the Group Managing Director. Peita Diamantidis is a new form of ‘geek’ hybrid – maths and finance nerdiness combined with a passion for communicating that has her on a mission to empower the public to take charge of their finances.

Utilising a background in Actuarial Studies, Peita has also developed a keen interest in the science of Applied Innovation. The combination of her passion for communicating and her interest in applied innovation have led her on a never ending journey to find ideas, widgets and new fangled ways of bringing the financial advice industry and the Australian public closer together.

Warwick Hearne is Group Chairman and spends his time managing shareholder relations and working to secure new adviser partnerships. Warwick’s 50 years experience in financial services, has been split between systems and process activities and an array of executive roles, culminating in the last 15 years as an executive coach with a focus on business development.

Graham Peatey is well known throughout the advisory industry having been a principal at The Encore Group where he and his team offered consulting services to advisers, dealer groups, and other industry players. Graham has for many years spoken to the need for a well crafted succession plan and was attracted to the new succession options now available at the Caboodle Masters Network.

David Plant is a great believer in the importance of professional financial and insurance advice, and has a passion for helping people who deliver these vital services. He has significant experience in business and sales coaching, business productivity, and change management, and has extensive studies related to client behaviour. David is a skilled workshop facilitator, MC and speaker. In late 2015, he made the jump from the corporate world into his own thought leadership practice, and is delighted to be partnering with the Caboodle team, doing the things he loves to do, with great people who have a passion for the advice industry and better business.

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